Our Donors

Diamond $100,000+

The Morris A. Hazan Family Foundation, (Judy Carmel, Board Member)**

Joseph Drown Foundation

The Leonard Hill and Patricia Gordon MD Foundation, (Dr. Patricia Gordon, Board Member)**

Irving Kessler and Barbara Anderson**

Platinum $50,000+

The Ahmanson Foundation

The Annenberg Foundation

Benjamin Gordon

Wesley Phoa & Margaret Morgan*

The Charlie Munger Foundation

Fern Jennings*

Kerry and Norah Clark Family Foundation of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation**

Julie Kavner

Gold $25,000+

The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

The Anthem Foundation

The Roddenberry Foundation

Collie & Greg Daily**

Bonnie and David Rickles MD*

The MacNaughton Family Foundation (Cathy MacNaughton, Board Member)*

Silver $10,000+

Mark Gordon

Robert and Joanie Hall, Board Member*

Richard and Sandra Jacobson*

Buchalter APC (Richard Ormond, Bernard Bollinger, Michael Wachtell)**

Lenore Pridham*

Patricia Heaton & David Hunt*

Timothy O’Connor MD and Victoria M. O’Connor*

Barton and Phyllis Cohen*

Anne Vandenabeele and Annmarie Eldering*

Yuval Bar-Zemer and Gudrun Gotschke

John Einck MD, Board Member

J Andrew and Simone McEntire*

Marcia Lustgarten*


Gillian & John Wagner**

Leopold Wyler

Victoria and Brian Klein*

WellPoint Foundation

Jodi Shelton and Jerry Rogers*

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Peter Micelli and Jennifer Lang MD*

Arnie and Judy Fishman

Bronze $5,000+

Samuel and Tracey Byrne*

Arno Mundt MD, Board Member

Clifford Merlo MD and Marilyn Wexler Ph.D.

Susan and Bill Dake*

Phyllis Yale and Tucker Taft

David and Susan Gersh

Delain and Dana Kemper

Gary and Yucca Rieschel*

Heidi and Damon Lindelof*

Sally and David Lang

Jack and Michelle Giarraputo*

Ken Marks

Kirt Wagner*

Laurie and Matt Coleman

Linda May and Jack Suzar

Amy and Stan Baratz

Joel Cornfield MD and Judy Laner, Board Member

Hornik Family Foundation*

The Phase Foundation

John and Heather Botti

Friend $2,500+

Alan and Sherie Schneider

Stanley and Joyce Black Family Foundation (Jill Black and Zachary Zalben)*

Jill and Loren Bough

The Crescent-Rotary Foundation

Aleks Istanbullu

Donna and Larry Cohen

Elizabeth and Stuart Moore

Rosenthal Family Foundation

Barry Borden and Lois Swinski

Renee and Brian Wilson

Kelly and Kevin Welsh

Lynne and Jimmy Gordon Dewitt

Jefry Rosmarin

Peter and Cathy Spano

Roz and Elliot Vogelfanger

Supporter $1,000+

Lisa and Dan Zelson

Julie von Zerneck

Andy and Janice Hill

Anne Hasse

Arlis and Erwin Grossman

Steve White and Sherri Singer

Barbara and Richard Barnhart

Bea and Leighton Welch

Cameron Carr and David Given

Caitlin Cawley

Courtney Desmond

Katherine Boles and Barney Brawer

Adam Charles Rosenfeld

Peter Cowie

Darren and Jenny Bowes

Deborah and Bobby Sharpe

Diane and Greg Branch

Elizabeth Gottainer

Geraldine Maisel

Glen Dake

Jean Gordon MD and Ron Greenwald MD

Jeffrey and Sandra Bruss

Jerry Rotman

Jordan and Nicola Kerner

Andrew and Jacqueline Caster

Edward and Courtney Loeb

Bonnie and Gary Goldish

Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors Foundation

Kristy Tully Bottoms

Len and Nancy Jacoby

Lonnie Levi Israel

Marilyn Jones and Mitchell Kaplan

Mark Goldsmith

Melissa Blake

Nora Manella

Otting Family Charitable Foundation

Andrea and David Tracy

Maud Welles

Jim and Julia Davidson (Storm Castle Foundation)

Judy and Curt Vinson


Randee Samsky Hilborne

Rick Siedband and Carol Sarnat

Ricki Alon

Roger Lowenstein

Stan and Amy Maisel

Steve Nudelman

Phyllis and Robert Ching

Betsy and Sanford Weinstein

Gretchen and Stephen Burke

**Large Clinic in Major Hospital | *Clinic in Community Hospital