Community-based HPV Testing and Treatment Model

We are Dreaming Big.

CureCervicalCancer is launching a Community-based Testing and Treatment project to bring mobile HPV-based cervical cancer screening and treatment to 10,000 women in rural Kenya. 

The Problem 

Cervical cancer is a leading cause of cancer death for women in Kenya claiming the lives of over 3,200 women every year. With early detection and treatment, cervical cancer is nearly 100% preventable, and a woman who is screened even once in her lifetime can significantly reduce her risk of developing invasive cervical cancer.

Why HPV Testing?

99% of cervical cancer cases are linked to infection with ‘high-risk’ types of human papillomavirus (HPV), which is sexually transmitted. HPV testing objectively identifies women who are at the highest risk of developing cervical cancer. These women can then receive immediate treatment to prevent HPV from progressing to cervical cancer.

How does HPV self-sampling as part of cervical cancer screening work?

HPV self-sampling is recommended as an effective method of cervical cancer screening by the World Health Organization (WHO). A woman can obtain her own vaginal sample within seconds by using a swab and receive results in less than 1 hour.

The Solution: Reaching the Unreached 

Based on the woman’s result, the mobile clinic team will offer immediate treatment, drastically reducing her chances of developing cervical cancer. This model will eliminate the need for a clinician to conduct a hands-on exam for 80% of the women tested. With this approach, we can bring life-saving screening and treatment to 5 times more women and reach women who have never been reached!