CureCervicalCancer Returns to Northern Vietnam!

CureCervicalCancer Returns to Northern Vietnam!

December 3, 2018

Welcome to Vietnam! After many hours of travel, the CureCervicalCancer team has landed at our first stop in Quang Ninh province. On the first day of our trip, we visited two clinics, the Quang Ninh Center for Reproductive Health and the Cam Pha Clinic.

At Quang Ninh Center for Reproductive Health, the team started off the day by meeting with the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Vice Director Dr. Phuong and Clinic Director Dr. Them. The CureCervicalCancer team demonstrated thermocoagulation to the local clinicians and donated a thermocoagulation device to the clinic. In the morning, we were able to screen 53 women with visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA), and we treated two patients who demonstrated cervical lesions with thermocoagulation.

In the afternoon, we traveled further east to Cam Pha where we reconnected with Dr. Thuy, the head of the Cam Pha Clinic. We provided new supplies and worked with the Cam Pha clinicians to screen 45 women for cervical cancer. Two women demonstrated cervical lesions and were treated with cryotherapy. It’s been an exciting and busy day reconnecting with old friends. The team is looking forward to the weekend ahead. Stay tuned!

Dr Nguyen, a graduate of our global trainee program, prepares to screen a patient at the Dang Clinic in Cam Pha.
The CCC Team and Dr. Thuy, who oversees the cervical cancer screening at Cam Pha, meet to discuss successes and address challenges of the clinic.
The CCC team poses with the first patient to receive thermocoagulation in the new Angel Clinic location in Quang Ninh.
Dr. Gordon sharing a cervical cancer screening pamphlet with Dr. Lien
Rebecca, CCC’s Program Director, and Dr. Gordon presenting the thermocoagulator device to Dr. Them, Clinic Director of the Quang Ninh Center for Reproductive Health.
The team is all smiles after a fun and busy day in clinic at Quang Ninh.