The Grossman Perspective

The Grossman Perspective

It was summer when our cousin Patty Gordon, was nominated the Distinguished Alumni Honoree at St. Louis Park High School graduation. We listened as she spoke about her accomplishments as a cancer researcher, and her amazing program, CureCervicalCancer.

Carli and Dr. Ha, CCC Global Trainee and Facilitator, screening a patient.

So proud and inspired that weekend, we asked when and where next and if we could we help? It was Vietnam…our eyes lit up, and with out a pause, my daughter, Carli and I looked at each other and said, count us in!

Steve and Carli Grossman standing with women waiting for screening.

We had just been watching the new Ken Burns Vietnam documentary. Now in a time when the world is in dire need for help, what a fantastic way to give back to a Vietnam, once put through the perils of war and then neglected by our own country.

Steve Grossman helping register women for screening.

We are so excited to be a part of this volunteer group,  love working with the doctors, nurses and patients while screening and treating woman for the very curable cervical cancer.

Steve and Carli working with doctors and nurses in the clinic

It’s been a life-changing experience for us, but mostly for the lives we are saving and look forward many trips to come.

The CCC team and trainees

Steve Grossman
CCC First Time Volunteer