A Momentous Day in Ukerewe

A Momentous Day in Ukerewe

Our newest certified Tanzanian trainees in front of the Nansio District Hospital.

After four short days, our screening program on Ukerewe Island has drawn to a close. To celebrate the occasion, as well as the day’s highest patient volume of the week, we conducted a ceremonial graduation and a clinic dedication to the CureCervicalCancer Board of Directors.

Having made a special announcement of CCC’s free screening services the day before, we prepared the clinic and readied the team for a signifcantly larger turnout. Still, nothing prepared us for the sheer number of women that greeted us as we arrived at Nansio District Hospital. A quick survey of the crowd, and we knew we’d never be able to screen every woman in attendance without employing additonal screening beds. Thankfully, hospital presented three spare beds, quickly doubling the number of women we were able to see at any one time.

CCC Program Director Rebecca stands with two trainees in front of the new CureCervicalCancer Board Clinic.

Between these rapid paced screenings we took some time to dedicate our clinic to the CureCervicalCancer Board of Directors:

Patricia S. Gordon, MD – Founding Director and Board Chair
Arno J. Mundt, MD – Professor and Chair, UC San Diego Health, Radiation Medicine
John Einck, MD – Residency Program Director, UC San Diego Health, Radiation Medicine
Caroline Nitschmann, MD – OB/GYN
Judy Carmel  – Financial Advisor
Judy Laner – Director of Volunteers
Joanie Byrne Hall – Development Advisor
Cathy MacNaughton – Development Advisor

And finally, after more than five hours of screening, it was time for our nine trainees to undergo certification in CureCervicalCancer’s “See & Treat” course.

After a hard week of training, our nine trainees are put to the test! It was no surprise that everyone passed with flying colors.

Throughout this week, they demonstrated an outstanding understanding and commitment to CCC’s mission to stop cervical cancer in its tracks. We have gotten to know each trainee personally, and know that they will add tremendous value to CCC’s ever-growing international network of individuals. Saying goodbye to Ukerewe is bittersweet. We are tremendously proud of the work our team has accomplished, but sad to part ways with our new friends and truly wonderful people of this island.

Bittersweet farewell marks the end of this week’s training program on the island of Ukerewe.