Back In Haiti

Back In Haiti

This afternoon, CureCervicalCancer returned to Haiti for our fifth visit. Our very own nurse AnneMarie Durosier was waiting to receive the CCC team at Cap Haitien airport. We loaded our three giant “Clinic in a Suitcases” into the cars and headed directly to Bethesda Medical Center, home of the Lindsey Rickles Clinic.


This week our team will be training 12 doctors and nurses in the “See & Treat” method. Bethesda Medical Center will host our training for two days and our third day of training will be held at Clinique de Limonade. It is wonderful to be welcomed back to familiar faces and to see that the “See & Treat” clinics continue to be successful.


Eight-strong, the CCC dream team is ready to support the local care providers in any way possible. The entire CCC team consisting of Dr. Gordon, Program Director: Rebecca Lepsik, Senior Coordinator: Leila Hariri, Director of Communications: Julia Scott, Strategic Advisor: Heather Kun, and Program Coordinator: Phorum Sheth has joined together to make this trip a success. We are eager to introduce to you our new volunteers: Dr. Laura Bertani of Ventura Family Medicine, and entrepreneur, grower, and Fairfield Farms owner Bill Steed. Welcome to the CCC family, guys! Follow us through this action-packed week and see how CCC is working with women here in Haiti.