Day 3 in Guatemala: Getting Creative

Day 3 in Guatemala: Getting Creative
Day Three of our 2016 Guatemala program was another success! The team split into two again: the WINGS clinic was organized in San Juan Chalmeco, while ACPC’s clinic was held in San Pedro Carcha. Over 200 women were screened/treated with an overall positivity rate of 8%!

The team accompanying WINGS and the five new trainees traveled an hour into the rural, remote area of San Juan Chalmeco in order to reach women who were unable to travel to a major clinic or hospital. As our nurses set up three screening stations, a local community educator explained the procedure and answered any questions for those who arrived at the clinic. Most of our patients were young mothers, who have never been screened for cervical cancer. It was refreshing to see the women learning about and prioritizing their health.

Dr. Valentina’s team headed to San Pedro Carcha, a large community about 10 km east of Coban. When we arrived at the health center, nearly a hundred and fifty women were already lining the perimeter.

We were told we only had four examination beds and three rooms. The team looked at each other and knew instantly our next move: find more beds or make new ones. After searching the clinic, we managed to pull one bed from an adjacent room and the other were makeshift beds made from desks located inside two of the rooms. We quickly arranged the 8 beds, set our stations with vinegar, swabs and light sources, and began screening the women of the community.

By: Ellen Nong, CCC Intern