Covering More Ground: Day 2 in Guatemala

Covering More Ground: Day 2 in Guatemala

For the next three days, the CCC team will split into two groups to cover more ground in and around the Alta Verapaz region.

The team led by Dr. Erica Oberman (OB/GYN) headed to a treatment center on the outskirts of Coban in a region called La Esfuerza. Upon arriving to the clinic, we were happy to see women already waiting to be screened. With the busy day ahead of us, we had no doubt that the nurses were well-prepared. As patients were flowing in, they joined the educational lecture to learn about cervical cancer and prevention through  “See and Treat.” It was certainly pleasing to see the high level of care and dedication these nurses had for women’s health and education. They were thorough in their examination and beyond proficient in the procedure from start to finish.

We are looking forward to the next few days as we head into two other communities where WINGS mobile clinic will be operating to provide these services to women who are living in remote areas with little to no access to healthcare. 

By: Yvonne Nong, CCC Intern

Today our team split into two groups in order for us to work alongside our previously trained nurses. With the help of our amazing ground partners at ACPC, we coordinated for nurses from various cities in Guatemala to join us for 3 days of screening, treating, re-educating, and evaluating.

We were so pleased to see familiar faces, eager and excited to work together again and improve the cervical cancer prevention efforts of Guatemala, one clinic at a time. Three fully functional “See and Treat” stations were set up quickly and flawlessly. Immediately, dozens of women began to stream into the clinic to be screened. We are grateful for the excellent patient mobilization efforts ACPC that made this possible. 

The women of Guatemala need and deserve this essential service. In fact, of the 147 women screened today, 15% were found to be VIA positive. This high percentage further strengthens our determination to ensure that no woman goes without screening. We are excited to continue this program, reach more women, and save lives. Thank you for making this possible, we could not have accomplished any of this success without your support.

By: Leila Hariri, CCC Intern