Happy Mother's Day from China!

Happy Mother's Day from China!

Authored by Jacquelyn Dang, CCC Senior Coordinator

The CureCervicalCancer Team is currently in China and would like to wish every mother around the world a spectacular Mother’s Day.

Ancient Chinese mythology tells of the goddess Nüwa, credited for creating mankind, repairing the sky, and subsequently healing the world. It is said that Nüwa molded figures from the yellow-colored earth, giving them life and the ability to bear children. During a great calamity whereby floods threatened to drown mankind, fires blazed across the land, and beasts fought and broke the pillars of the heavens, Nüwa unceasingly worked to prevent the collapse of the sky. As the mother of humanity, Nüwa is a strong woman that simultaneously gave birth to the world and saved the world from destruction.

On this special day of the year, CureCervicalCancer would like to share this ancient legend to honor mothers everywhere who have loved unconditionally and fought fearlessly to nurture their children.

For without you, there would be no us. You are the creators of life and the pillars of society. Thank you for everything you have done for the world.