Day 2: CCC Sets Up Morris Hazan Clinic in Cobán

Day 2: CCC Sets Up Morris Hazan Clinic in Cobán

CCC’s second clinic day in Coban, Guatemala happily exceeded our first day with double the number of patients to be examined for possible cervical cancer lesions (seen photo 1). Our support from the Ministry of Health has been excellent (see photo 2).

We saw a number of women who had been identified with cervical dysplasia in a previous exam but had never been treated due to a lack of cryotherapy equipment. We were able to use the cryotherapy equipment we are donating on 14 percent of the day’s patients.

The most exciting forward movement of the day was the fine work done by our local doctor and nurses who performed the large majority of the examinations (see photo 3), supervised, when needed, by CCC’s physician assistant and nurse practitioner. Also we moved our clinic to a much larger room at the health center in order to set up 3 examining stations.

We showed our sign for the Morris Hazan Clinic, held in the photo by our Guatemalan doctor, in appreciation of our generous clinic donors (see photo 4). This sign will be permanently affixed to the front of the door at its grand opening tomorrow October 2, 2013.

All in all it was a most rewarding day as we reached the mid-point of our Guatemala program.