CCC to Open an Ongoing, Sustainable Clinic in Quang Ninh, Viet Nam!

CCC to Open an Ongoing, Sustainable Clinic in Quang Ninh, Viet Nam!

A third continent for CCC?  Yes, indeed!  After opening permanent cervical cancer “See and Treat” clinics in Africa, Central America and Haiti, CCC is headed for Viet Nam in April, 2014.

Viet Nam, a communist country with a strong entrepreneurial drive, is not the easiest place in the world to arrange visiting medical programs. However, after visiting several hospitals and clinics on a tourist visit to Viet Nam earlier this year, Dr. Patricia Gordon saw the need to implement “See and Treat” programs, since they were not being offered.

Realizing this disparity in women’s healthcare, Dr. Gordon began communications through a Vietnamese contact with the Ministry of Health. An exchange of letters to make arrangements for a CCC visit took a great deal of time and persistence, but CCC got it done.

CCC will go to Quang Ninh Province in the northern region of Viet Nam, partway between Hanoi and the southern border of China.  At the request of the Ministry of Health, CCC will be working with the Quang Ninh Department for Maternity and Pediatric Health Care to open a sustainable, ongoing cervical cancer “See and Treat” clinic at the Reproductive Health Care Center.

We are thrilled to expand our horizons again and to be making CCC truly international!